Rebecca Cota

Over the past 30 years I have dedicated myself to mentoring and supporting women and families overcoming the challenges inherent to familial alcoholism that include codependency, relationship difficulties/addiction and financial stability challenges. Also, as a career educator of 25 years, I enjoy fostering a safe space that promotes self-discovery into each individual’s innate desire and capacity to heal and honor their true self. We can be transformed positively by our own life experiences and live an enriched existence empowered by our past while focused on present miracles and confident of our path manifesting our dreams in the future. 

My therapy and coaching process focuses on the whole person employing grounding and centering techniques to establish the safety and clarity needed to encounter the higher self at peace. This transformative process empowers positive decisions and reframes experiences, so they no longer limit current aspirations. My mentoring holds the space for the client’s confident, self-exploration and autonomy. I guide instruction of lifelong tools that aide the process of independence through mindfulness, spirituality, visioning and goal setting as they resonate with client belief systems and preferences.


Education & Credential


I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Spanish and a Masters in Latin American Studies. I am currently a Registered Psychotherapist in the state of Colorado.




I enjoy meeting clients in person in my office as well as on virtual platforms or by phone.